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connection to community

"We love to get out and about and would love to share that with as many people as possible"

1. Get out and discover a local trail

2. Catch your breath on an Adventure Bench

3. Scan QR code to claim a local  offering and discover nearby attractions

4. Check out the local business, stay a while!

Get out and about, explore your local community! You would be amazed at the cool little trails dotted around, close to home

Keep an eye out for an Adventure Bench, they have a QR code ready for scanning with your phone

Each bench links to a local business or organisation that benefits the local community in some way. Free coffees is one example of an offer to motivate people to keep geting out and about on their local trails. Also discover more trails and community events nearby

Linking into community, the Adventure Bench points people towards cool places that may have been undiscovered

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