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Adelaide Coffee/Hike Combos

The irresistible duo of nature and nurture. There are so many great local hikes that just happen to be close to a café, perfect for catch-ups or even a date!

Hallett Cove Boardwalk/Boathouse Café

Morning or really anytime of the day is a good time to get onto Hallett Cove Boardwalk, which can include a side trek around the ‘Sugarloaf’ geological formation. Go as far as Marino or just as far as you have time for, knowing that the Boathouse Café will be ready to serve up coffees and ice cream upon return.

Waterfall Gully/Basecamp

A classic from the Adventure Benches archives, the Waterfall Gully hike up Mt Lofty never fails to give a feeling accomplishment once at the top. Not for the beginner - you at least want to have some comfy runners and a water bottle for the steep climb. Basecamp always rewards your effort with great coffee and fresh juices that you will.

Morialta Falls/Hibernia

Who would have thought we have a waterfall and woodlands so close to the city? Several rocky tracks up and around the falls take you across the face of Giant’s Cave. The name alone is exciting enough without the view! Don’t forget to look up as you may see rock climbers in one of the 3 climbing zones. We recommend grabbing a coffee from the local Hibernia Cafe before, so you can take your time checking out a couple of the shorter hikes or one of the longer treks.


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