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Hiking Bucket List - Create Yours!

Put it together, all in one place! The Australian trails and magical places you have been dreaming of seeing with your eyes, await placement on your hiking bucket list

Where to begin

Start big with no limits. Go large, after all, no one said you had to tick everything off by the end of the month. What gets your imagination going? Is it the starry sky of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, the Ridge Lines of Larapinta in the Northern Territory, or swimming with the whales in Western Australia (still counts as a hike doesn’t it?)

Get your list on - start chucking places on your list knowing you will get there when the time is right.

What about this weekend though?

Ok we can’t all quit our jobs to go for long trips tomorrow... Tell me, what hikes have you seen or heard about? The city views of Brock Reserve? The Remote feel of Morialta? Brown hill Creek always puts on a show and the size of Sturt Gorge means you can check out several different trails if you have time.

Get Hiking

Now you have started a list in your head, it’s time to actually write it and stick it on the wall and start crossing off some hikes.


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