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The Adventure Begins

Hey there fellow adventurer and thanks for stopping by

Adventure benches was started by two everyday Aussie blokes looking to make a meaningful change in their small little community. This is their story….

Hi there, my name is Joe, and together with Tim we are the founders of Adventure Benches. We started the concept of Adventure Benches mainly through necessity rather than innovation. We were both going through some rough times, Tim was at the beginning of a long time separation and I was struggling with the pandemic and all the things that went along with it.

At first it was just two blokes going for “hikes” at the back of Tim's place. Suddenly we found ourselves discussing and working through our issues at the time. No woo-woo stuff, just two guys trying to figure out where to next. After a couple of months of hiking, walking and getting out and about, an idea started to form. We noticed that whenever there was a bench, a log or somewhere to sit, more people tended to stop and take in their surrounds.

Then the idea hit us…..

What if we could design and install some cool ass benches in some of our favourite hidden locations? Objectives began to take shape….. suddenly we were talking about going to these places in the dead of night and installing before the sun came up. Yes I know, it was highly illegal but it did get the creative juices flowing and we never actually did it………………;) Anyway, just like that Adventure Benches was born.


We started by asking ourselves a series of questions….. What if we could partner with local business and or Councils to “legally” install these benches in strategic locations throughout South Australia and (fingers crossed) Nationally? Could we get more people lacing up their shoes and exploring their local parks and trails? Could we build a community of like minded Adventurers keen on exploration, community, health and discovering their own backyards? The Answer…….. Of course. If getting back out in nature, exercising and talking through our issues helped us, why couldn’t it help thousands more like us. After all it pulled our arses out the fire. So we set out to do just that.

We knew we had fresh designs and awesome locations, but we needed backing. By installing QR codes on our benches we could connect local businesses to people out and about, offering great deals in the process. This would do three things …. 1 – It supports the local business in that community 2 – It gets people out exercising and searching for our benches 3 – Councils would have a rare (one of its kind bench in their council areas) *Every bench designed and manufactured by Adventure Benches is unique. There will NEVER be two of the same benches – this is our promise* While we are still new, we are confident that councils, national parks and innovative companies will want to take part of the Adventure benches ethos. The story continues…….


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